What do you want to work on today?

Progress is a simple to-do list that encourages you to reach your goals gradually.


A to-do list that understands how you work.

Split Up Tasks

Most to-do lists only reward you for finishing a task in one shot. With Progress, you decide how many shots you need.

Track Your Progress

With bold dots under each task, you can easily track your progress on a task and feel accomplished every step of the way.

Stay Focused

Progress leaves out all the unnecessary features that usually make to-do list apps intimidating and distracting.


Start Making Progress

  • 1
    Create a Task

    Tap the plus button in the bottom right to create a task. Add a deadline if you need to.

  • 2
    Add it to Your Day

    Your Day holds all the tasks you are planning to work on today. When you want to work on a task, slide right on it to add it to Your Day.

  • 3
    Make Progress

    When you're done working a task for the day, slide right on it again. Each time you do this, a dot appears underneath the task to indicate your progress.

  • 4
    Reach Your Goals

    When you complete a task, just tap the checkbox.

See Progress In Action